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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is PASRR?
A PASRR, or Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review, is a federally mandated process to determine if an individual meets nursing facility level of care; has a mental illness or developmental disability/intellectual disability diagnosis; and to see if the client needs specialized services to treat their mental health or developmental issues and reduce behavioral symptoms that necessitated admission to a nursing facility.
2.  Why do we complete a PASRR on clients entering into a nursing facility?
The PASRR procedure was established to protect the civil rights of individuals with mental illness, intellectual disability, or a developmental disability being considered for nursing facility admission. PASRR ensures that the client is being placed in the least restrictive environment and that the client's service needs are adequately met.
3.  Who requires a PASRR prior to admission to a nursing facility?
Any individual that is applying to a Medicaid Certified Nursing Facility that has a diagnosis of mental illness, intellectual disability and/or developmental disability. The process begins by completing and submitting a Level I form to the OBRA PASRR Office.
4.  Where do I obtain the Level I form
Contact the OBRA PASRR Office at (800)548-2188 or (334)242-3946. You may also complete the Level I form online at

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